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Foreign Investment Services


We are Indian consultant for obtaining necessary approval from Reserve Bank of India, Foreign Investment Promotion Board  (FIPB), SIA, for foreign Investment in India, and for Investment out of India,  we assist reputed foreign corporate,Venture capitalist in their investment strategy,entry strategy ,setting up of liasion office ,Indian branch, Indian subsidiary and obtaining necessary approvals required for foreign Investment in India/Out of India  

M K TYAGI & CO , is one stop solution from strategy to all approval for foreign investment in India, external commercial borrowing and business set up services in India, and Investment out of India. We provide due dilligence services before finalisation of investment in /out of India , mergers & acquisitions or joint ventures.  

  • Formulating an entry strategy into India such as opening a Liaison Office, Branches, projects office, subsidiary and per law and as per business requirement of client.
  • Formulating an appropriate investment strategy for companies seeking to invest out of India.

  • Obtaining investment approvals from the Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) or the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), as applicable.
  • Assist in obtaining approvals for External Commercial Borrowings (ECB), assists as professional capacity in purchase-sale of corporates in India. We are well known FEMA consultants in Bangalore and  assist our client  in  all FEMA Compliances including initial shares allotment to foreign company, Transfer of shares by Indian to foreigner or transfer of shrares by Foreigners to Indian, or any conditional transfer of shares under Shareholding agreement,  FEMA Compliances before and after joint-venture.
  • We always have some clients offers for purchase and sale of corporates in IT / BPO/ Manufacturing / Real estate / Engineering and service segments, Interested corporate in India and venture capitalist may contact for the services, Our role in such services are purely for our professional services. 




     M K TYAGI & CO, provides foreign investment cunsulting services as one stop solution to clients on all matters conncted with stretegy to necessary approval, we serve as management consultants in connection with Foreign investment  strategy and provide clients to feel at home  and get out with all solution at one place, once we are in for any clients for any services, then it is our responsibility to make it happen as per plan, we provide to our clients various written documents related to foreign invetsment like :

    01. Due dilligence report before investments , Mergers & Acquisitions , Jointventures.

    02. Shares Valuation certificate to be submitted to reserve Bank of India.

    03. Business Valuation report to be considered by investors.

    04. Chartered Accountants Certificate on annual compliance to be submitted to reserve bank of India.

    05. PPR to be submitted to investors/ venture capitalist on monthly/quarterly/annually in line with agreement.

    06. Buy-back of shares and easy -exist of investors/venture capitalist as per agreement and related FEMA compliances thereof.

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